The purpose of the program is to provide permanence to adoptive children in need of care by placing them in the permanent care of selected prospective adoptive parents in terms of the provisions of the Children’s Act. These assumptions may be public or non-public. It can also be National or international. Services include the following:

  • abandoned and / or orphaned children whose biological parents have given permission for adoption are referred to this program for further investigation and completion;
  • foster parents or step parents who wish to adopt children in their care are also referred to the adoption program’s social workers;
  • children who are in child and youth care centers and who have been identified for adoption are also dealt with by the program;
  • prospective adoptive parents are recruited and selected and fully informed and empowered about the legal and other processes;
  • all cases (adoptable children and prospective adoptive parents) are submitted to an adoption panel for discussion and approval;
  • children who cannot be placed locally within a reasonable time are also registered on RACAP (Register on Adoptable Children and Prospective Adoptive Parents) to give other accredited organizations the opportunity to place these children.
  • Engo also has an agreement with an organization in Belgium and can do International adoptions.

How volunteers can get involved?

Become a safety parent by looking after a baby while the adoption is in process.

Needs for donations  

  • Formula milk
  • Nappies
  • Baby products
  • Car seats
  • Cots

Get involved today. Send an email to or
contact 060 548 5543

Provincial office contact details

 Postal adres: 12552, Brandhof, Bloemfontein, 9324
Street adres: 22 Van Heerden Road, Wilgehof, Bloemfontein
Tel: 051 407 7207

Social Worker
Magda de Beer
Tel: 051 522 6914 / 082 202 4306

Director of Adoptions: Mrs C Maree
NPO registration number: 134-975 NPO
Registration Department of Social Development:
11/1/1/4/4 – 33/20


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