Engo Projek van Hoop Kompetisie


Skryf nou in en staan die kans om n Suzuki S-Presso GL Plus ter waarde van R165 000 te wen 




Make a minimum donation of R30 and fill in a raffle ticket to enter the competition.  Participants will get a ticket for every R30 donation.  If the donation is not in increments of R30, the rest will be seen as an unconditional donation, e.g. a donation of R100, will allow three tickets and a R10 donation.   No employees of Engo and its sub programmes, sponsors of this competition and their employees as well as employees of Evolve Audit & Advisory (Evolve) may take part in the competition.

The five finalists and ultimate winner will be determined by a lucky draw.  Evolve will randomly select the five finalists on 21 October 2022.  The five finalists will be announced in public on 27 October 2022.  The random selection (lucky draw) will not be overruled by donations exceeding the R30 minimum cost of the ticket.  Participants may donate more than R30 and will qualify for an entry ticket for every R30 donation.  If such participant is drawn more than once as part of the five finalists, he or she will only qualify once for a finalist.  The participant will therefore only be allowed one place in the top 5 finalists.  Participants chosen as a finalist, agree and give permission that their photos and names may be used in the media, publications and on social media platforms.

The vehicle used at different promotions throughout the Free State is not the price vehicle and its colour may vary from that of the vehicle on the marketing material.  Entries will close at 16:00 on 30 September 2022.

The Final draw event will be held on 15 November 2022 in Bloemfontein and finalists are requested to attend this event.  The winner will only be chosen from the finalists personally attending the Final draw event.  If the finalist cannot attend the Final draw event, the ticket may be transferred to someone else, who can attend and therefore qualify for the prize.  This transfer of ticket have to be confirmed in writing and signed by both parties (the finalist giving away the ticket as well as the substitute receiving the ticket).   The substitute then becomes the new finalist and the terms and conditions stated here will apply to him / her.

Please note that the draw of the five finalists and the winner is final and there will be no correspondence in this regard to dispute the results.   The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.   Engo will be responsible for the direct travel expenses of the finalists (fuel and toll gate costs to Bloemfontein, depending on distance of travel).  Accommodation for two people per finalist will be provided for a maximum of two days, depending on distance of travel.   Payment of travel expenses to attend the Final draw event, will be paid back per EFT two days after the Final draw event,  or on presentation of proof of travel expenses as mentioned. Please note that the full process will be audited by Evolve Audit & Advisory.

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