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Engo is a non-profit and non-governmental welfare organisation that works mainly in the Free State and provides care and counselling to children, families, the elderly, the disabled and patients in need.

Engo was formally established in 1967, although some services such as the Charlotte Theron Child and Youth Care Centre in Bethlehem were established in 1902. Engo has been serving the community for over 100 years.

Engo is the second largest charity of its kind in South Africa and the largest in the Free State and does incredible work in communities of all races, cultures and ages. Engo touches nearly 200 000 lives annually.

Engo works according to specific core values. These values ​​are courage, excellence, honesty, integrity, care and empathy. We create eternal hope and have a Christian approach and inclination in our service. We strive to make a difference in the lives of people.

Engo consists of six sub-programmmes that provide services to different sectors of the community. These programs are:

  • Family Care;
  • Adoptions;
  • Child and Youth Care;
  • Elderly Care;
  • Hospital Car;e
  • Disability Care

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Engo Family Care

  • Provide much-needed social assistance to children and families. All actions are focused on the protection of children and families.
  • 10 family care offices that provide social services in 17 towns.
  • Approximately 65 000 individuals benefit from services provided by Engo Family Care.
  • Beneficiaries are 86.5% BEE.


Engo Adoptions

  • Act in the best interests of adoptive babies and children to find a home and family for adoptive children.
  • 58 adoptions were completed during the last year. 5 girls were assisted during pregnancy and 46 inquiries about origin were handled.


Engo Child and Youth Care

  • Provide protection and care for children who have been removed from their parental homes by the Children’s Court and need care.
  • Children of all races, genders and ages up to 18 years are cared for and protected.
  • Beneficiaries are 60% BEE, although 100% BEE houses can also exist and be supported.
  • 724 children are cared for in 33 Child and Youth Care Centres across the Free State.


Engo Elderly Care

  • Provide affordable services to the elderly to improve their quality of life.
  • 2 793 elderly people live and receive care in 20 centres across the Free State.
  • 116,860 individuals have received support over the past year through 20 different services from our community-based care programs.


Engo Hospital Care

  • Visit and minister the Word of God to patients and their families to bring hope and encouragement.
  • 11 410 patients were visited and supported in the hospital during the last year.


Engo Disability Care

  • Give people with disabilities a purpose in life, the feeling that they belong and are accepted by a group of like-minded people.
  • 42 people with disabilities are cared for and supported by two Engo centres for people with disabilities.


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